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David Simon’s lecture

On September 26, at the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill, there was a lecture given by none other than David Simon of screenwriter and producer of the TV series “The Wire,” “Treme,” and “Homicide: Life of the Street.” Simon discussed “The End of the American Century and the Triumph of Capital Over Labor”.

For nearly two hours, he discussed social issues that arise from our system—the drug war, class difference, prison population, education, labor union, economy, tax rate for riches…but I don’t think I can really write them down in one posting. Anyway, I think I was the only silly one to really ask a question about his TV show out of six or seven people at Q&A.

On Treme:

—When I asked him out of all those different elements the show covers, from musicians to culinary, education, etc., which aspect of New Orleans cultures he was mesmerized the most, he answered the Mardi Gras Indians. He believes it’s something everyone should witness at least once in their lifetimes.

On The Wire:

—There won’t be any Blu-ray version of The Wire. The show was shot 4:3. Although he had a chance to shoot it in HD format in later seasons, he didn’t won’t to lose the style of the documentary film for the show.

—The Wire was more about the class issue than the race. The race issue was already covered in the Homicide.

—He was actually horrified when he first heard the news that The Wire was President Obama’s favorite show. 


—While talking about President Obama, he stated he believes the Age of Great Man in the History is over in today’s society—the Age when one man like Lincoln or Roosevelt could have changed the system. But now, the system has become too big and it is impossible for one great man to reform and fix the problem.

—“Dickens wouldn’t have shit to write about” if policies like the New Deal existed back in the Industrial Age.